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Tom Shifflet

Tom is a lifelong athlete, coach and fitness enthusiast. The past twelve years Tom has been successful designing and outfitting fitness amenities Nationwide. When he is not helping his customers he continues coaching young wrestlers or training athletes and adults in his personal training studio. Having been a competitive athlete his entire life and enduring sports related injuries he's tried various fitness training methods to stay healthy and active. Tom has become passionate about exercise for athletes and individuals like himself. He has adopted a training method that has changed his life. The fitness training philosophy and exercises is something that he enjoys sharing with others.

Prior to his career in the fitness industry Tom was a Division I wrestling coach for sixteen years. He has coached future State, National, World wrestling champions and a UFC champion. He has learned from some of the all-time best wrestling leaders. Tom mostly cherishes the relationships that were built and mentors that guided him to become a successful athlete and coach. 

Growing up in Buffalo, NY Tom was involved in many sports but his passion was the sport of wrestling where he became a NYS high school champion. He attended Edinboro University and graduated with a degree in Health & Physical Education and was a 3x division I wrestling all-american. He is also a certified NYS Coach.

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