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I am a tennis coach in Atlanta, GA. I have been teaching tennis for more than 25 years and with competitive experience in many other sports.


This is my story about how I met Tom Shifflet.


   One day Tom showed up asking that he wanted to learn how to play tennis, I didn't know anything about him but as soon as I started teaching him, I figured out that he was a competitive athlete before, his attitude, his way he analyzes the game was a bit different.

   After a while, We started having a conversation and in a couple of minutes I knew that I was talking with someone who knew more about sports than me.  Talking about experiences as coaches because teaching kids is super difficult, because they are mentally and physically different, and I was having a blast listening to him about his way of thinking and the way he trains the kids.

   Without hesitation I asked him to see if he could train my son, he is an elite tennis player in Atlanta GA and with my eyes closed, I knew Tom was going to be very positive with my son.  Tom started very slow and calm, and my son never got in pain during his physical training with Tom and in a couple of days, I could see in the tennis court how fast my son was improving.  Tom became, not only his trainer, but his friend, a person who anyone can trust. Tom was always an open book to us. He always pushed my son enough, never over training him, to a point that my son wanted to be with Tom every single day. 

   After some sessions, We started sending him other top tennis players with him and every kid and parent were amazed by the improvement and happiness and it is very rare to see this. 

   A couple of days later, someone came to me talking about how good Tom was as an elite Wrestler in the country, All American and later a Wrestler Hall of Fame in the USA. 


   Tom Shifflet,

   Great person

   Great professional

   Amazing friend 

   And specially very humble guy

As a business owner in the wrestling space, I could not be more pleased with the help we got from Tom as a former wrestler himself. After doing our research and found him, he was definitely the guy on the top of the list. Not only did he go above and beyond the call of duty helping find the best equipment and the best prices,  he advised us on what equipment and pitfalls to avoid common mistakes. Lastly, when flew out to show us how to setup and use the equipment, he shared with us his expertise and training programs specific to different sports and age levels of athletes. I could not recommend Tom enough to anyone looking for the best.

Nick Purler - Owner Purler Wrestling Academy

Coach Tom has shown a unique set of coaching skills, commitment, compassion, kindness and patience. Tom trains my two children with autism in a manner that has helped to regulate their bodies, provide stability, build strength and confidence in a way I've never seen before. He is a teacher, coach, occupational therapist and mentor all in one package. 


Meredith B.

"The workouts that we do here are different than anything I've done before. These circuit, high rep, form focused, workouts are beneficial in improving as an athlete. I've really enjoyed this new way of training and the results I'm getting from it." - Alex F. - Nichols High School Hockey Player

 When my son was working with Tom, he worked super hard to build a great core strength. For tennis, core is a most work. The engine of a good tennis stroke depends a lot in your core rotation. As soon as Tom understood that, he decided to work really hard with his machines. Every exercise Tom was doing to my son was 100% related to tennis. The Omega, was my son's favorite machine. And again, no pain in his body, no pain in his legs, no pain in his arms and shoulders and you could see my son's improvement almost immediately in the tennis court.


Thank you Tom!

AJ Nunez 

This program & equipment is perfect. As a middle aged active man, this type of training is ideal for me. Conditioning and strength all at once.

Tim Flynn

As a 58 year old who has worked out in a traditional manner his whole life, my joints and particularly my lower back are really starting to suffer. Since Tom introduced me to this newer dynamic motion style of working out I have greatly improved my core strength which has dramatically helped reduce joint and lower back pain. Tom was key in putting together workout routines that lower spine compression and put me in a position to work hard without stressing my back and other joints. GAME CHANGER!

Todd Lee

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