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Commercial & Retail Equipment Provider

Shifflet Fit is a full service commercial & retail fitness equipment provider. With over twelve years of experience designing athletic and fitness amenities we can meet your vision for a new exercise space. We have partnered with fitness equipment providers that meet the quality and experience you expect. Every decision is made with customer service in mind and goal to meet your overall vision. Partner with an experienced fitness enthusiast and lifelong athlete.

Contact us today for your fitness needs or to set-up a consultation.

*Ask us about our specialty with sports-specific training environments.


As a business owner in the wrestling space, I could not be more pleased with the help we got from Tom as a former wrestler himself. After doing our research and found him, he was definitely the guy on the top of the list. Not only did he go above and beyond the call of duty helping find the best equipment and the best prices,  he advised us on what equipment and pitfalls to avoid common mistakes. Lastly, when he flew out to show us how to setup and use the equipment, he shared with us his expertise and training programs specific to different sports and age levels of athletes. I could not recommend Tom enough to anyone looking for the best.

Nick Purler - Owner Purler Wrestling Academy


We were looking to refresh some of the equipment in our wrestling pavilion to maximize the space. We chose Tom because of experience as an athlete and fitness professional. The equipment and layout made total sense for what we were trying to accomplish. Tom knows the equipment and how it can benefit the user. He taught us how it can apply to our sport as a circuit etc...I would recommend Shifflet Fit for performance training ideas and if you are looking to add to your training space 
Tim Flynn - Head Wrestling Coach 
West Virginia University 

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