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Awesome! You've discovered iMAP, now quickly unlock your potential.


Combat Sport athletes, coaches, parents, and teammates can use the iMap as a tool to guide behaviors that can lead to performance success.

  1. What coaching behaviors are best for your athlete?

  2. How does your athlete learn best from you?

  3. Learn how to manage anxiety and stress in all athletic situations.

  4. Uncover what your passions and expectations are as a combat athlete.

  5. Get into the ZONE to win!


Gym owners, trainers and members, can use the iMap as a tool to match expectations, improve training sessions, and improve customer relations.

  1. What environment do I need that will allow me to thrive and meet my personal fitness goals?

  2. Discover what fitness programming is your preference.

  3. Discover a sustainable fitness     plan that meets your                   expectations.

  4. Uncover what motivates your     client/member.

  5. Increase retention and commitment. 

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